Panoramic X-rays are a unique form of digital X-ray that allows us to see more than just a single section of your smile. Instead, we’re able to view the entire bite and how it works together. Viewing the entire jaw allows us to see if there are any developing pathologies and improve any treatment outcome with early diagnosis. This is extremely important for patients who experience problems with their bites, TMJ dysfunction or uneven dental wear. We use complete panoramic X-rays as both a tool for diagnosis of these concerns and as a way to improve clarity during treatment planning.

Using a panoramic X-ray, our skilled dentist can:

  • Determine the need for any orthodontic treatment and asses the progress of that treatment
  • Diagnose impacted teeth
  • Monitor the development of periodontal disease
  • Evaluate the jaw joint and diagnose TMJ disorders
  • Detect oral cancer
  • Plan implant placement procedures
  • Diagnose tooth decay
  • Determine the extent of dental and facial trauma
  • Diagnose abscesses, cysts and tumors

The imaging process for a panoramic X-ray is quick and comfortable. As you stand in place, the imaging machine will simply rotate around your head. This will produce high-quality images almost instantly, which Dr. Hattaway can then view on a nearby monitor.

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