Dental crowns and fixed bridges are two of our most commonly used restorative dentistry options. Our dentist uses these restorative treatments to repair severely decayed or damaged teeth, or to replace one or more consecutive missing teeth. Like all of our restorative treatments, Indian Creek Dental uses the highest quality materials to ensure that your repaired smile will look, feel and function like brand new.

Dental crowns are restorations that fit over the top of the damaged or decayed tooth restoring full shape and size to the damaged tooth. Fixed bridges combine one or more replacement teeth with two dental crowns, one on each end, that provide support for the tooth replacement prosthetic. We attach the dental crowns to healthy teeth on either side of a missing tooth, and they anchor the replacement teeth in place.

The placement of dental crowns or bridges occurs over the course of two or three visits to our office. During your first treatment appointment, we prepare the tooth, capture bite impressions and place a temporary restoration. Once we receive the custom restoration from our dental lab, you’ll return to exchange the temporary crown or bridge for a custom-crafted solution.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Hattaway, and to learn more about dental crowns and bridges in Carrollton, Texas, contact our office today at 972-836-8653.