If you’ve experienced more extensive tooth loss, partial or full dentures offer a solution to replace multiple consecutive and nonconsecutive teeth or a full arch of teeth. Our experienced dentist recommends dentures for patients who have lost many or all their teeth in order to restore their smile as well as improve their oral health and function. When you visit Indian Creek Dental, we will evaluate your entire mouth to determine which type of dentures will be most beneficial for your individual needs.

Partial dentures fill the gaps in your smile and are crafted from a gum like base that fits snuggly between remaining healthy teeth. The base is held in place with metal or plastic clasps attached to the remaining teeth, and they support the replacement teeth.

Full dentures are similarly crafted with a gum-colored base that supports the arch of replacement teeth, but because there are no remaining teeth to provide support, the base is molded to fit against the gum line to create a gentle suction force that holds the denture firmly in place.

Dentures produce many benefits. In addition to restoring your confident smile, they enable you to speak and chew properly, and provide support for your facial tissues to improve your overall appearance.

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