Sealants are clear coatings of protective materials that prevent bacteria, plaque and tartar from accessing teeth. This is important in the quest to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, especially for young patients who are still learning to care for their teeth, adults who are prone to decay and those who have very deep grooves in the biting surfaces of teeth.

Dental sealants can be quickly applied as part of any six-month checkup. Our dentist simply paints a layer of sealant onto the tooth and hardens it into position using a curing light. Once in place, your sealants provide an invisible shield for your smile for years to come, blocking out harmful bacteria and food debris to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Sealants also form a smooth surface over the natural pits and grooves of the teeth, which means that your teeth are easier to clean with normal brushing in addition to being protected from cavities and other problems.

Our dentist recommends that children receive a dental sealant as soon as their permanent molars come in (typically between age six and twelve). Adults with teeth prone to decay should also receive dental sealants.

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